The Elbow Patch

This is a blog about universities, higher education policy, international higher education and the sociology of higher education. It discusses British higher education in comparative perspective, with insights from sociology and occasionally from history. There may be a bit on social inequality and social mobility from time to time too.

Paul Wakeling

I am a sociologist of higher education based in the Department of Education at the University of York where I teach the sociology and history of education. My research interests cover social mobility, social stratification, comparative higher education and educational inequalities, with a particular focus on postgraduate education. You can find out more about me, including contact details, on my York homepage.

The Blog Name

I chose the name as part of a running joke with friends about my sartorial style. I have just about managed to avoid elbow patches, although that has been difficult due to this season’s penchant for them. Anyway, it seems suitably academic. My favourite alternative name was ‘Hebdominal Counsel’ (as this is intended to be a weekly blog), but no-one seemed to like that!


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